Fenrir and Angel Masks

Two new hand-sculpted masks are over in my Etsy shop.

The first is a gold angel mask with platinum highlights and an opalescent gem.

Angel Mask

The second is a mask of the Norse wolf Fenrir as he swallows the sun during Ragnarok. I’m sure it tastes like candy. =D

Fenrir Mask

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Etsy Shop Reopens

Hope everyone had a great holiday season! The Etsy shop is open once more for business. Due to the large amount of orders from the holidays, a few listings (such as dice and wolf masks) are still temporarily down while I work ahead a bit. But they should be back soon.

Thanks so much to everyone who gave me their patronage!

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Christmas Deadline

The 10th is the last day I accept domestic Christmas orders with any reliability.

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Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday Sales

The Etsy shop is open once more! Even better, a number of the hand made masks are on sale this Saturday through the end of Monday.

Check out the sales here!

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My Etsy shop will be down for the week of Thanksgiving. However, it will be up again next weekend in time for Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.

See you then!

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Halloween Deadlines

Hey folks! If you want one of my molded masks for Halloween, I’m afraid the deadline has past. However, my hand sculpted masks can still make it there in time if it’s a domestic shipment. This will be true up until the 23rd.

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Mask of Centipedes

Just in time for Halloween! A hand sculpted domino mask featuring centipedes, earwigs, silverfish, cockroaches, and pillbugs. The coloration is steel and silver, with a red – purple gem in the center. The mask is $60 and may be found here.

Mask of Centipedes

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Green and Gold Feathered Dragon Mask

It’s a brand new hand-sculpted mask is in my Etsy shop!

Feathered Dragon Mask

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Griffin Mask and More!

There’s a whole bevy of new masks! The crown jewel is a new molded griffin mask. These masks may be painted to order, so I can do any number of color schemes. You can check them out here!

There’s also two new hand sculpted masks. One features a lovely blue and green peacock perching in golden branches, which may be found here.

And finally a fiery moth mask with red and gold wings. It can be found here.

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Apocalypse Plague Doctor Mask

Originally created for a photo shoot, this mask combines the themes of previous plague doctor masks that I have done, meshing an ornate, baroque texture with an apocalyptic theme. A winged Death wearing a crow’s skull graces the bridge of the beak, spreading arms across it to release swarms of flies. A larger gold fly is the centerpiece of the beak itself. Worms can be seen in one corner, peaking out from under Death’s robes. Under the chin a number of plague rats writhe. Deep fissures are apparent around the mask’s left lens, which also features a bright red and gold biohazard symbol.

This mask was entirely hand sculpted from sculpting resin and is a one-of-a-kind piece. It measures roughly 5 1/2″ across the eyes and 8 1/4″ from forehead to chin. It has an artist’s mark on the back along with the date it was created.

This mask is $290 and may be purchased by clicking here.

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